About Us

Hello, and welcome to NavigatingtheNet.com. My name is Ryan, founder and your personal guide to a more secure world of cyberspace. (aka…the internet, the net, online, the web)

I created this website as a result of my own online misfortunes and scam trials, combined with a strong desire to protect myself and my family from the dangers roaming the internet. I have spent countless hours combing the web, researching threats and scams, and learning ways to steer my family and friends safely away from them.

However, the threat landscape in cyberspace can change quickly. I needed one place I could assemble reliable resources and information, and use as a secure landing zone for anyone searching for a safer way to navigate the net.

The internet is an amazing place that can be utilized for education, entertainment, social networking, staying in touch with family and friends, and even building an online business. Unfortunately, the flip side can be a very dangerous place fraught with scams, online predators, cyber bullying, cybercrime, pornography, and malicious programs.

Navigating the Net is dedicated to promoting online safety and awareness. My goal is simply to start the conversation about the dangers & risks lurking on the internet. My hope is that Navigating the Net will provide you with an informed starting point to create your own gateway to safer travels through cyberspace.

A Little About Me

I work with people everyday, whether family, friends, co-workers, or clients dealing with computer, or technology problems. I have a degree in Information Technology – Security, in addition to professional security certifications from Cisco and CompTIA. This in no way qualifies me as an expert. However, it does afford me some knowledge and understanding of the subject at hand.

Frankly, and at the heart of it, I’m just a husband, a father, a friend, and fellow navigator. Someone who has experienced the good and the bad of the internet, and endeavors to help others discover ways to protect themselves from online jeopardy. My love of technology drives me to continue learning, and my passion for helping others moves me to share it.

 A Little You Should Know

My studies in technology and internet security have been eye-opening as to the sheer number of threats and hazards looming in the world of cyberspace. Everyday new threats and scams surface, and headlines reveal unsettling news of people, just like you and me, falling victim to them.

Even more disturbing is when the victims are unsuspecting children and teens. The internet has drastically changed the way children/teens interact with the world. With the click of a button, they have access to people, places, and things all across the globe.

Are you a Parent? If you are, I know you are as terrified as I am to contemplate the potential perils awaiting our children on the other end of a button click.

  • online predators
  • exposure to inappropriate material
  • cyberbullying
  • pornography

Regardless of the specific threat, the worst thing about any danger, is not knowing it exists. So, whether young or old, I encourage you to learn and be mindful of the inherent dangers of using the internet, and purpose to continually educate yourself and stay well-informed.

And remember, you don’t have to navigate alone. There is strength in numbers and unity. My hope is as time passes, this site evolves into a community of informed navigators sharing knowledge and experience.

And with that, I am excited that you have joined me today as we set course to explore the numerous benefits of the internet and world wide web, while securing the knowledge necessary to defy the threats and dangers that may lie in wait.

So, Let’s get started. I look forward to the journey ahead.

Wishing you safe travels through cyberspace,